Posted on July 16 2010 by Daniel

Lotus – Daniel Thouw

Born 1975 in Heidelberg, Germany

is an artist with multiple backgrounds. Starting out during the 2nd generation of graffiti artists in Heidelberg- Germany, he developed his sense of shape, color and form in an autodidactical fashion. His fascination with those elements surrounding the letterform, led him to gaduate with a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Laguna College of Art and Design in California, refining his involvement in the world of artistic expression. Working interdiciplinary he is also involved in documentary filmaking and realized a feature film about the wordwide graffiti art  movement which screened in festivals and movie theaters around the world.

The characters of Daniel Thouw represent the creational process that is all around us in the reality we percieve. They are somewhat humanized methaphors of the force that is creation itself. He observes nature and it’s repeating patterns that appear from very big to super small. An atom with it’s nucleus and electrons spinning around it. Our solarsystem with it’s sun and the planets orbiting it. A satellite picture of a river in comparrison to a human vein. With patterns and textures like these, in combination with his characters, he creates his own subjective view of what all cultures try to define, through religion and science, since the beginning of time.